Sustainably harvested yak down fiber. Grown by our herd in Northern Michigan and hand combed by our family in the spring shedding season. Unwashed, uncarded, and unprocessed. This beautiful wool is a fiber enthusiasts dream; its antibacterial nature and void of lanolin means it is virtually odorless, even in its unprocessed state, and we do our best to keep the fiber hay and debris-free. All three types of fiber (down, midfiber, guard hair) can be utilized in their own ways.


  • "Premium": Option contains fiber with the highest percentage of the finest down. You can select the rare grey down fiber in the premium option only. 
  • "High quality": Down fiber and and slightly heavier midfiber are noticeably present; the majority of these fibers will be soft enough for textile use.
  • "Mid quality"contains a notable amount of down fiber, midfiber, and guard hair (the course and long outer layer of a yak's coat).

Raw Yak Fiber


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