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Hello from the Priest family!

 Left to right: Tabor, Kristin, Bethany, Mark, Lynette, Jessica, and Nathan


In 2016, the Priest family was introduced to yaks by a client of Mark's construction business who happened to own a few of the unique critters. One question led to another, and Mark soon connected with Great Lakes Ranch, then run by Brad and Jandy Sprouse.

Great Lakes Ranch was the premier Alpaca breeder in the United States for decades, Brad having been integral in the import of Alpaca to the country. In their years of breeding Alpaca, the Sprouses developed exclusive breeding practices that yielded their highly sought-after livestock. When they realized the market for Alpaca was becoming saturated, they looked to yaks. They applied their same selective breeding practices to yaks and the result was a group of genetically excellent animals that placed their ranch among the very best in the nation.

The Priests had named their ranch "A Yak or 2" since the original plan was just that; to buy a yak or 2. After many conversations with the Sprouses, Mark knew there could be more to yaks than he had originally thought. The new plan was to purchase a few premier animals from Great Lakes Ranch and slowly build up the herd at A Yak or 2 under Brad and Jandy's mentorship. Fast forward a few years, and the Sprouses had retired, the Priest family had adopted a large number of their herd, and had inherited the Great Lakes Ranch name. 


We are A Yak or 2 Great Lakes Ranch.


We selectively breed our herd for excellent dispositions, appearance, and health.


We passionately share the yak experience with the curious and adventurous.


We support others as they begin and grow their own yak adventure.

We are IYAK and World Heritage Yak Conservancy registered breeders, passionate educators, and proud members of the growing U.S. yak community.

We are ready to help you at any stage of your yak journey!

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