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"Sinfully delicious"; this phrase represents what is wrong with

modern culture’s perspective of food. Where obesity,

anorexia, bulimia, and countless other disordered eating

patterns affect us all, it’s undeniable that we have a food

problem. Dieticians, celebrities, and doctors have offered

solutions to fix our food failures, but they’ve all fallen short.


It’s time to ask someone else for a food solution, and there is no one better to ask than God himself.


What does God have to say about food?


Bethany applies her understanding of Biblical studies, keen cultural insight, and her own life experience with disordered eating to help us think differently, and biblically, about food.


By the end you will see why God created food, how to eat to honor God, have hope for healing, and much more. Ice Cream is Not a Sin is a must read for anyone with food frustrations, anyone supporting someone with disordered eating, or anyone who eats food.

Ice Cream is Not a Sin

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