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Foundation Yak - Cows

Cow (female)

Great Imperial Mother
Cow (female)Imperial | IYAK - Foundation# Y0289 yrs

FW Reflecta has produced fantastic calves year after year. A Dr. Lock Daughter, she is everything we want in our foundation herd. She produces strong robust calves every year and watches over them ver...

Not for Sale
Imperial Trim
Cow (female)Imperial Trim | IYAK - Appendix# 2C0215 yrs

Kenai had her horn twisted in transport as a calf, poor girl. She makes up for it in personality and I'm sure will give us some great calves....

Not for Sale
Cow (female)Imperial | IYAK - Foundation# 2C2015 yrs

Rimrock daughter Calm and beautiful. She had her 1st calf in 2018 and what a great mother. We think her female calf may be a Golden (Waiting for the test to confirm). We are looking forward to contin...

Not for Sale
Our always friendly "cookie monster"
Cow (female)Imperial Trim | IYAK - Foundation# Q05413 yrs

Toroberry is one of our friendliest yaks, affectionately called our "cookie monster" because of how much she loves being handfed treats. She loves visitors and will run across the pasture to say hello...

Not for Sale
Herd Favorite
Cow (female)Imperial | IYAK - Foundation# S15511 yrs

I feel so blessed to have any of these beautiful animals on my ranch but this yak will just make you fall in love with them all. She is the matriarch of the pasture and I hope she is for many more yea...

Not for Sale