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Imperial Beauty

GLR Ellamae

Yak, Heifer (female) | Imperial

IYAK - Foundation# 2E031 | DOB: 4/28/2017 (3 yrs)

LDR Super Lock

Great Lakes Ranch / Herd Bull

LDR Super Lock

Bull (male)Imperial Black
DOB: 5/30/200812 yrs
Superlock is an Imperial Tibean Yak bull who has sired most of our calves for the past three years. He has a commanding presence, a gorgeous head with a super wooly top knot and that beautiful square shape that we try to breed for. His horns are thick and what we like to see in a breeding bull and his hump and overall conformation is excellent. His fiber is thick and wooly and he has excellent coverage. Top that off with a super mellow temperament and you just can't help to be awed my him when you see him.We couldn't be more pleased with his offspring.
  Imperial Black
FW Eleven

Imperial Trim Tibetan Yak Foundation Yak

FW Eleven

Cow (female)Imperial Trim
IYAK - Foundation# Y026DOB: 4/14/20119 yrs
Eleven is an Imperial Trim cow, sired by Dr.Lock that has that nice square short head that we always try to breed for along with all the other positive characteristics we look for in a foundation female. She had her first calf this spring, GLY Everest, a bull calf that we think is very deserving of his strong name. Even at only a few months old is looking impressive and we can't wait to show him in Denver. Already his top knot is wooly and thick and his coverage is outstanding. Keep an eye out for this guy!
 IYAK - Foundation# Y026 Imperial Trim

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Ellamae Is GLR Elvira's younger sister and we are so glad to have her. There is nothing better than to see these Girls run across the field. She will Join her sister in the Big girl pen this fall.

Updated 2/1/2019